Greyhound Gold Star Grooming Kit
Price: £79.99

Complete grooming kit for all your greyhound's health & hygiene care.




* FURminator de-Shedding tool - 6.8cm

* Professional Greyhound Brass Comb

* Fine Tooth Flea Comb

* Large Stainless Steel Nail Clipper

* Retractable Grooming Brush with a twist

* Greyhound Supergroomer

* Double Sided Rubber Grooming Glove

* Hand Shaped Soft Touch Curry Comb

* Equerry Body Grooming Brush

* Double Sided Dual Cactus / Fleece Grooming Glove

* Veterinary Soft Bristle Toothbrush

* Flea Detection Kit

* Presented in a padded insulated bag decorated with greyhound logo


You can if you wish personalise this item with your name, kennel or club name to create your own unique and exclusive customised kit.  Just email or telephone us with details.

Manufacturers Code: 09.1WGDB

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