Hound Dog


Hound Dog is the new head buyer at Greyhound Products UK. His mission:

  • To sniff out the best Greyhound gear on the planet
  • To acquire it, so we can sell it at the best possible prices
  • To reject the poor quality and the over priced

If it does not do what it says on the tin we do not buy it.

For Action: Greyhounds in peak condition - you need quality equipment, supplements and clothing you can rely on.

You know this, Hound Dog knows this and our suppliers know this.

The result:

  • Lots of superbly high quality greyhound gear from lesser known manufacturers
  • The best value Greyhound gear on the Internet

Hound Dog is in the know, without revealing all of his tricks and trade secrets, you can rest assured he is working full time to make sure Greyhound Products UK has the best Greyhound and Whippet coats, collars & leads, accessories, vitamins, supplements on the Internet!